What is a Twitter Party ?

A twitter party is a fast and fun virtual party which uses the Twitter platform. It is usually held in the evening and  typically last 1-2 hours. Twitter parties are a great way for people to connect and discuss a topic of choice. Most twitter parties have an expert panelist and party host to keep […]

What are #hashtags?

Once you’ve started using Social Media sites, it won’t take long before you come across what’s known as a hashtag. A “hashtag” is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (“#“). They were first used on Twitter but now you can use hashtags on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, […]

Socially Networked

I went to a business network meeting this week. After I came home, I really felt motivated about my business. Nothing like fresh ideas to reignite the passion you have for what you do. This reminded me of the importance of Social Networking when it comes to your business. People want to hear from you. […]



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