How to choose a Web Designer – Comparing Apples with Apples

When hiring anyone to do anything, remember to always compare apples with apples; this is especially true when it comes to hiring web designers, online strategists or setting up a maintenance plan. Try to find out what their experience is – are they only a web designer or do they have online strategy and an […]

Do you want to transform your Business?

A Big Welcome to YOU! I am so glad that you are eager to change your life and your business. This series can transform your business and brand into what you have always wanted it to be BUT you will be required to put in a little work and get a little bit outside your […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for your business

It is that time of year again when we reflect on the year past and the year ahead. This is also a great time to reflect on your business year and some “resolutions” you may have for you and your business going forward. 10 resolutions you may want to implement in your business this coming […]

Paypal is coming to South Africa…finally!

First National Bank has, apparently, confirmed that it is partnering with PayPal to allow South Africans to use the US company’s full suite of products for the first time. An invitation was sent out to  journalists for a press briefing on 25 March. They will be addressed by bank CEO Michael Jordaan and senior executives from PayPal.