Facebook Closing Today!

Facebook Closing Today!? …Did that catch your attention? Did it scare you a little? Are you doing most of your business on Social Media? My office mate, Cindy, knows that this is my tagline question. Why? Well, because I am so passionate about you succeeding and I know that if you are doing most of […]

10 Things you should do for your business in 2016

Yes, it’s a new year full of new possibilities – so let’s make things happen! Here are 10 things you should do for your business at the beginning of 2016. Update your website. Your website is your best sales/conversion tool. If it’s not up-to-date you may miss out on a sales opportunity. Remember, just as you […]

Has your online presence lost its business personality?

Something I am very passionate about is making maintenance of your online presence and community quick, easy and dare I say…fun! I also advocate the use of automation in some areas in order to save time (No Twitter Auto DMs – Please!). Recently, I wrote… Would your customers recognise your brand if you were not […]

Would your customers recognise your brand if your logo was not attached?

Would your customers recognise your brand if your logo was not attached? This is an interesting question. I have been reading a lot about brand awareness and brand recognition this week and what has stood out to me is that in our modern, technology-driven world we need to ensure that our brand stands out, even […]

The New “Save” function on Facebook

On July 21, 2014 Facebook introduced the new “save” function whereby users of Facebook could save links, places, music, movies and TV items that they could view at a later stage. We can, perhaps, relate to the wish of saving something for later in a place that we could find it after reading something on […]

Small Business Online: Start-up Tips

It may be a daunting task; getting your business online but it is simply a must in our day and age. Here are a few tips to get you started on your online business journey. Make sure you get your business website online as soon as possible You may see it as an unnecessary expense, […]

Organic Social Media: Building your Community

People sometimes ask me, “Hey, Denise, why are you all into this organic stuff – and we are not just talking about the food you eat. Why is important to develop your social media community organically? Why can’t we just buy a few thousand likes, followers or website visits?” Well, the truth is that you […]

What are #hashtags?

Once you’ve started using Social Media sites, it won’t take long before you come across what’s known as a hashtag. A “hashtag” is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (“#“). They were first used on Twitter but now you can use hashtags on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, […]

How to get more retweets on Twitter

Retweets are instant feedback that your content worthwhile but as with all things, it takes work to achieve the perfect balance of content that your followers will appreciate and in turn retweet. Retweets are a compliment, they share your tweets to new groups of users. If these users want to “hear” more from you they will click the follow button and […]

How do you take control of your online presence?

How do you take control of your online presence? That is a great question and if you have found this post via a web search, you are already heading in the right direction! Internet, Website & Social Media Taking control of your online presence means taking the internet, your website and social media seriously. Most […]

Social Media for your Small Business

Social Media can be intimidating for most small businesses. But for small businesses, social media is a powerful promotional tool. On the surface, social media marketing seems pretty simple. You create an account, post updates about your products, services or company growth and reap the rewards. However, in order to see success, you need to think […]

Facebook Interest Lists

Although Facebook “Interests” was rolled out onto the Facebook platform back in March, many people are still unaware of them or many people still don’t understand what purpose Facebook Interests have for Facebook users. With Facebook “Interests” you are able to create your own Interest Lists and add your selected title along with pages that match […]



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