Module 1: Where are your steps taking you?

Where are your steps taking you? On Monday, I walked out the door with all the bags in tow and some how my ankle bone deactivated and I fell. Apart from my ego being bruised (haha!), I also managed to twist and hurt my foot and my ankle. Don’t ask me how this happened, I […]

5 Ways Small Business can compete with Big Business

As a Small Business Owner, you may be frustrated by the seemingly unfair competition presented by Big Business. Often, they are able to offer products and services at more affordable prices. Sometimes this is due to a compromise on the level of service and quality, sometimes not. Customers flock to these Big Businesses who have built […]

Small Business Owners: 3 Tips on how to Disrupt your Industry and find Success

As a Small Business Owner, you have a great passion for what you do and who you serve PLUS you have something else – the ability to Disrupt your industry in the most fantastic and magical ways!   WHO AM I? My name is Denise van der Merwe, I am a Cape Town Web Designer […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for your business

It is that time of year again when we reflect on the year past and the year ahead. This is also a great time to reflect on your business year and some “resolutions” you may have for you and your business going forward. 10 resolutions you may want to implement in your business this coming […]

10 Tips for a successful small business website

All your online endeavours should lead your potential clients to your small business website where (if planned properly) your website visitor will be converted into a customer…but getting a website up and running or redesigning your current website – which should probably be done at least every 3 years – can be quite overwhelming. 10 […]

Keywords: Unlocking their potential

If you have been around the internet for even a short while, you have probably heard the term “keyword” or “keywords”. What are Keywords? A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a web page. Keywords help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query. When someone uses […]

10 simple ideas to improve your business brand (for entrepreneurs and small businesses)

#Task: Ask yourself the following questions (and write the answers down!): – What do you wish for people to associate with your name/business? – Is there a certain subject matter in which you want to be perceived as an expert? – Are there general qualities you want linked to your brand? The answers to these […]

Would your customers recognise your brand if you were not managing it?

As a small business your aim will most likely be to bloom and grow into a not-so-small business but, as this happens, you will need to include/hire more people to assist you in this process. This often may affect the way you manage your online presence and this is where it gets a little tricky. […]

Would your customers recognise your brand if your logo was not attached?

Would your customers recognise your brand if your logo was not attached? This is an interesting question. I have been reading a lot about brand awareness and brand recognition this week and what has stood out to me is that in our modern, technology-driven world we need to ensure that our brand stands out, even […]

Hashtags for Small Businesses

Remember when “lol” (which means laughing out loud and not lots of love ;)) became a part of everyday language, when people actually starting using it offline as well as online. Technology is growing and being developed in leaps and bounds and with that global trends are affected, the way we communicate with clients is […]

5 Tips to get your Business Online the right way

So you finally got online. Perhaps you found a web designer and got your website designed. You have set up your email You even managed to set up a few Social Media pages for your business…you think. Now you are being bombarded with information about what you should and should not do and quite frankly you […]

Small Business Online: Start-up Tips

It may be a daunting task; getting your business online but it is simply a must in our day and age. Here are a few tips to get you started on your online business journey. Make sure you get your business website online as soon as possible You may see it as an unnecessary expense, […]