Upcoming WordPress Training Courses

Interested in learning more about the new Gutenberg Editor? If you recently updated your WordPress platform, you may have been confronted with the new Gutenburg editor. For years the WordPress editor has not changed too drastically and has always been quite user-friendly, but I want to show you why you should fall in love with […]

How to choose a Web Designer – Comparing Apples with Apples

When hiring anyone to do anything, remember to always compare apples with apples; this is especially true when it comes to hiring web designers, online strategists or setting up a maintenance plan. Try to find out what their experience is – are they only a web designer or do they have online strategy and an […]

Small Business Owners: 3 Tips on how to Disrupt your Industry and find Success

As a Small Business Owner, you have a great passion for what you do and who you serve PLUS you have something else – the ability to Disrupt your industry in the most fantastic and magical ways!   WHO AM I? My name is Denise van der Merwe, I am a Cape Town Web Designer […]