Module 2: Solving Problems instead of Making Sales

In 2011 (7 years ago!), I published a post called “Socially Networked“. In it I said: Social Networking is not about computers, nicknames or virtual people. It is about connecting with real people with similar interests. It is about using the power of the internet to grow your business and nurture relationships! Later in 2017, I […]

Module 1: Where are your steps taking you?

Where are your steps taking you? On Monday, I walked out the door with all the bags in tow and some how my ankle bone deactivated and I fell. Apart from my ego being bruised (haha!), I also managed to twist and hurt my foot and my ankle. Don’t ask me how this happened, I […]

Module 1: Gaining Clarity

Before we can even look at optimising or creating your online presence, you need to have clarity on what your business actually is. If you don’t have business clarity, you can’t expect your potential customers to know what’s going on. This is such a critical step and so many people want to skip ahead and […]

Do you want to transform your Business?

A Big Welcome to YOU! I am so glad that you are eager to change your life and your business. This series can transform your business and brand into what you have always wanted it to be BUT you will be required to put in a little work and get a little bit outside your […]

Facebook Closing Today!

Facebook Closing Today!? …Did that catch your attention? Did it scare you a little? Are you doing most of your business on Social Media? My office mate, Cindy, knows that this is my tagline question. Why? Well, because I am so passionate about you succeeding and I know that if you are doing most of […]

Startups: How to deal with losing a Client

Losing clients is not something that any of us want to have happen or deal with. What is even more difficult is losing a client without a word from the client. Perhaps you don’t even know about it until you connect with them to take their order or make contact with them as you usually do […]

Small Business Owners: 3 Tips on how to Disrupt your Industry and find Success

As a Small Business Owner, you have a great passion for what you do and who you serve PLUS you have something else – the ability to Disrupt your industry in the most fantastic and magical ways!   WHO AM I? My name is Denise van der Merwe, I am a Cape Town Web Designer […]

Tips for Messaging on your Facebook Business Page

There have been many changes made to the Facebook Pages messaging system and Facebook has shared some smart tips: Turn on messaging when you’re ready Messaging is a feature that Page admins can turn on and off for their Page, and once you’ve enabled messaging for your Page, people will expect you to respond. So […]

3 things you should not give up on when Marketing your business online

Ugh, the dreaded January month – you may be thinking. You come back to work or open your business again and you have to start everything all…over…AGAIN! You have to start marketing all over again!   FIND WAYS TO DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS Now, you can look at this from a positive or negative point of […]

10 Things you should do for your business in 2016

Yes, it’s a new year full of new possibilities – so let’s make things happen! Here are 10 things you should do for your business at the beginning of 2016. Update your website. Your website is your best sales/conversion tool. If it’s not up-to-date you may miss out on a sales opportunity. Remember, just as you […]