Logo Design

  • Vector-based, high-resolution, web and print ready logo – R4000
  • Very Basic, non-vector based, high-resolution web and basic print ready logo – R1500

Business Profile

Your story is who you are and what you do for others – how you add value to people’s lives, ease their troubles, meet their needs. We offer Business and Personal Branding solutions.

Why should you compile your Business Story?

A compelling Business Profile / Story gives your audience a way to connect with you, one person to another and to view your business as what it is: a living, breathing entity run by real people offering real value. Your Business profile / story will build trust as people connect with you and your story and this will result in a higher conversion rate. In simple terms, people love authenticity!

Interview & Preparation of Business Profile:

  1. Interview: On average, 1-2 hours in person or virtually.
  2. Basic Overview of Facts: You will be sent a basic overview to “fact check”.
  3. Compiling of Business Profile ( Your Story).

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