Maks Mobility (Knee Scooters)

I really am amazed at all the new products and ideas that are coming out (or at least being made available locally). My friend hurt his ankle just before I met with Shayne. I wish I had met her a little sooner. Her knee scooters are ideal for those who need to get around and get things done while still resting their injured foot.

Shayne needed a responsive website where her clients (and new clients) could find all the information they needed about the knee scooters quickly and easily, and be able contact her directly from the website.

Visit her website to view her knee scooters (no more crutches!).


iCapture Imagery

Mark and Melanie are wonderful people and photographers. Their passion for what they do often rubs off on me and makes me want to learn more. Mark and Melanie needed to showcase their amazing photography in a way that was functional but that would also make a statement. I think we have definitely achieved this with their website.

Visit their website to view some of their work.


The Property Stylist

Jenny Heron is an amazing Property Stylist, Investor and Flipper. I have worked with her quite a bit over the years and her level of skill and professionalism is very high. I am often awe-struck by the work she does.

At the end of last year we worked on revamping her website and making it more user-friendly. As usual, her website is fully responsive and easy to navigate no matter what device you are using.

Visit her website to view some of the work that she does.


From the Barkery

Ceri from From the Barkery is a wonderful person who has a passion for furry friends and is extremely creative. Wherever you are on her website, you will find something ‘Pawesome’ happening. Her luxury treats and cakes are the ideal thing to treat your number one pets with.

Ceri decided to go ahead with an responsive, online store with all the details to make sure you have everything you need to shop quickly and easily. Checkout is a breeze with EFT/Credit Card/Payfast all being quick, easy and secure payment options.

Have any questions? You probably won’t, she has already answered most of them on the website. The ultimate in pup luxury shopping.


Full Circle Print

Full Circle Print decided to take their business forward with more responsive website and online store.

Their products and pricing was already great so this was the obvious next step to make it even easier for their clients to engage with the company and get their printing done, quick and painlessly!

Dales has been at the forefront of many printing firsts and we are excited they are taking this new step!



Xtreme Clean

I had the privelege of redesigning Xtreme Clean’s website. In the world of web – design, coding and layout should be refreshed every 3 to 5 years to keep your website fresh, user-friendly, safe and now… responsive.

Xtreme Clean are some of the nicest people there are around, so if you are thinking of getting someone in to clean your property (or pool), these guys are the people you should choose. Not only because they are nice, of course, but also because they are Xtremely serious about what they do!

At our initial meeting, Johan said they were interested in a clean (ha ha), modern look and so that is what we have aimed at. A clean, simple, straightforward website – connecting his customers to the company quickly and easily.


Jacqui L’ange

We have just launched Jacqui L’Ange’s website. Jacqui is the author of The Seed Thief. She has also authored, ghosted and edited many other books.

Jacqui is a lovely person and such an incredibly talented author. I feel honoured to have been able to assist her with this part of her creative journey.

Jacqui had a very specific idea of what she wanted but was unsure of how she could achieve it. It was great to be able to work with her and in the end offer her a finished product that she was happy with.


Palm Lodge Mthatha

Sue, owner of Palm Lodge Mthatha Bed and Breakfast, has been a long-time client of mine and is one of the nicest people I have yet to meet (face-to-face should I say). We recently decided it was time to update her site.

Many years back before we knew what responsive was we had created a beautiful, neat, user-friendly site for her but it was time for an upgrade and redesign as many of her guests are accessing her website from their mobile devices.

Sue’s new site is fully responsive and has a handy call button on mobile devices so that they can contact her quickly and easily