Facebook Groups Approval System changed

At the end of last year, if you manage a Facebook group, you may have noticed a change to the approval system. If your group is set up in such a way that you have to approve posts, previously there was an option to approve all future posts of certain individuals. This was helpful (in […]

Tips for Messaging on your Facebook Business Page

There have been many changes made to the Facebook Pages messaging system and Facebook has shared some smart tips: Turn on messaging when you’re ready Messaging is a feature that Page admins can turn on and off for their Page, and once you’ve enabled messaging for your Page, people will expect you to respond. So […]

New Tools available for managing communication on your Facebook Page

Facebook has now made it even easier to communicate with your client as well as with other Admins through notes for individual customers. Pages can set the average time it takes for them to reply to messages. Admins can choose to show that they respond either “within minutes,” “within an hour,” “within hours” or “within […]

Has your online presence lost its business personality?

Something I am very passionate about is making maintenance of your online presence and community quick, easy and dare I say…fun! I also advocate the use of automation in some areas in order to save time (No Twitter Auto DMs – Please!). Recently, I wrote… Would your customers recognise your brand if you were not […]

Hashtags for Small Businesses

Remember when “lol” (which means laughing out loud and not lots of love ;)) became a part of everyday language, when people actually starting using it offline as well as online. Technology is growing and being developed in leaps and bounds and with that global trends are affected, the way we communicate with clients is […]

The New “Save” function on Facebook

On July 21, 2014 Facebook introduced the new “save” function whereby users of Facebook could save links, places, music, movies and TV items that they could view at a later stage. We can, perhaps, relate to the wish of saving something for later in a place that we could find it after reading something on […]

Organic Social Media: Building your Community

People sometimes ask me, “Hey, Denise, why are you all into this organic stuff – and we are not just talking about the food you eat. Why is important to develop your social media community organically? Why can’t we just buy a few thousand likes, followers or website visits?” Well, the truth is that you […]

What is a Twitter Party ?

A twitter party is a fast and fun virtual party which uses the Twitter platform. It is usually held in the evening and  typically last 1-2 hours. Twitter parties are a great way for people to connect and discuss a topic of choice. Most twitter parties have an expert panelist and party host to keep […]

What are #hashtags?

Once you’ve started using Social Media sites, it won’t take long before you come across what’s known as a hashtag. A “hashtag” is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (“#“). They were first used on Twitter but now you can use hashtags on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, […]

10 Ways to improve your Small Business Facebook page

Here are 10 tips to help your improve your online presence on Facebook: Create a Content Strategy. You’ve probably heard this before, but what really matters in the end is the content. Your fans don’t share a post just because they see it the news feed. They share it because it’s useful/interesting to them. Mix […]



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