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Over 13 Years Experience in the field

I started my journey in web design many years ago, by first learning HTML and CSS. I loved learning and implementing code and seeing it work! After working for a web design company and having a child, I decided to start out on my own. The Web Assistant was born out of a passion for web design and helping small businesses. I am a Web Designer, Online Strategist, Business Coach and Blogger. I have studied and trained in all things “web” and marketing, from design to code to Social Media to strategies.

I soon learned that I was a girly girl in a guys world, with many people emailing and saying “tell your web designer that *he* must…” or being referred to as Dennis. I love seeing women flourish in unexpected fields. I love seeing individuals venture into the unknown, learn all they can and then watching their businesses grow. Are you ready to go? I look forward to meeting you!

Let’s have a conversation!

If you want to meet up and discuss things further, if you feel you cannot express yourself clearly over email – please do contact us. I will happily meet with you for a consultation before we start your website. We also offer group/individual training and various courses.



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