Coronavirus – Support Update

In 2015, Bill Gates spoke about “The Next Outbreak” and how it would affect the world. He spoke about the scary facts, but he also shared some positive things that we should be grateful for such as the technology we have in this day and age to receive news quickly, communicate with loved ones and move towards eradicating the virus.

If you want to see the video, I am sharing it below:

Step in Coronavirus (or Covid 19) and here is everything that all those less-infectious diseases and viruses have prepared us for. I think it is important to stay positive and move forward from a place of education and not fear. How wonderful it is that we can still market our business (and do most of our business) online! Please take advantage of the online assets that you have!

Our Plan

Moving forward, we will:

  • Be moving away from face-to-face meetings towards video and phone conference calls/meetings until the Coronavirus is under control. (We will only have face-to-face meetings if very, very necessary; we are protecting you and others who are vulnerable.)
  • Still be offering support via Email and our WhatsApp line (see below).
  • Still be offering training through Zoom Meetings.
  • Still be hosting, designing and updating awesome websites.

Contacting The Web Assistant

To get in touch, all our contact methods remain the same:

  1. For maintenance/updates/quotes/other requests:
    please email
  2. For quick questions (and support advice for our maintenance clients only):
    please WhatsApp +2779 884 5595
    (you can send maintenance requests here too, but please follow it up with an email, otherwise it will not be processed. We can still respond to WhatsApp messages when we are away from our desk, but we can only answer calls on return.)
  3. If you need to call during offices hours:
    You can call +2779 884 5595 (leave a message if we are not at our desk or in a meeting and we will call you back)
  4. For After-hours emergencies:
    please call +2772 583 8210 (please do not WhatsApp this number)

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and we will continue to support you and your business through it. Remember to support other SMMEs in South Africa. If we support each other, we will get through this stronger than before.

2020 can still be your year!

Thank you for your continued support,


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