Important Announcement: Facebook is Closing Today!

Okay, this is not really true but. . .did that catch your attention? Did it scare you a little? Are you doing most of your business on Social Media?

My office mate, Cindy, knows that this is my tagline question. Why? Well, because I am so passionate about you succeeding and I know that if you are doing most of your business on Social Media you are taking a big risk!

Am I telling you to forget about Social Media completely. Definitely not! However, think about where you would be tomorrow if, for example, Facebook closed. Would you have your current customers details? Would your customers know how to contact you? Would you have unrecorded orders lost in the webs of internet space?

Your aim should always be to get potential clients to your website for many reasons, I will share just two here:

  1. Conversion is more likely to happen on your website. Especially if it is user-friendly, has call-to-action buttons/links and is updated often (hint: blog often to keep people coming back for more – it is a proven fact that the longer someone is on your website the more likely they are to convert into a customer – keep them interested!)
  2. On your website you can obtain their details and keep in contact with them – resulting in a sale (or more sales). You can do this various ways. You can get them to subscribe to a newsletter/blog – again, interesting and valuable content will be the draw card here. If you do not have a blog, you can also have a general enquiry form.

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