Writing down Goals – Why you should be doing it!

It is once again a new year, a brand new start with so many possibilities. Many of us make resolutions to change in one way or another (here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions you may want to implement when it comes to your business). Perhaps we want to lose weight, quit a bad habit, save or make our business a success – whatever your resolutions are make sure you write them down!

Writing down goals and resolutions and making them SMART!

Why should we be writing down our goals and resolutions? Well, many studies show that when we write our goals down we are more likely to achieve them. We are also more likely to make sure they are S.M.A.R.T – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

This will take time and a little work but writing them down will make our goals and their parameters clear and get us started on the road to achieving these goals.

It just makes SENSE

Writing something down involves several senses, which means that several physical parts of the body are engaged. By engaging the hands, eyes, and maybe the ears, you are providing activity which can be remembered at a physical level, which improves the mental memory strength. You can take advantage of this strength through strong visualization, since an imagined event has the same impact on the nerves and muscles as a real event.

A logical, or even emotional thought, affects the memory from a single direction, the mind. When the body is involved through action, whether that action is real or imagined, the memory is affected from a second direction, which increases the probability that the goal will be retained in memory.


You have to get CLEAR

Writing down your goals demands that you get clear about what they actually are. Try imagining that you are explaining what exactly your goals are and how you will achieve them to a stranger. If you really understand something you should be able to explain it clearly to someone else, even a child!

Write it down in PEN

By writing your goal down, you are making the goal a (somewhat) permanent part of your existence. You are giving a level of commitment to that goal. You have staked a claim. You may change your mind later on, but for right now you have made a commitment. This permanency makes the goal more powerful and a stronger part of your existence. That means you are more likely to give the time, energy, and effort needed to reach the goal.


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