10 Tips for a successful small business website

All your online endeavours should lead your potential clients to your small business website where (if planned properly) your website visitor will be converted into a customer…but getting a website up and running or redesigning your current website – which should probably be done at least every 3 years – can be quite overwhelming.

10 Tips for a successful website

  1. Get Organised and Avoid Delays
    Make sure you have organised all the information that your website designer will require.  Delays building your website will cost you in many different ways!
  2. Go Dynamic
    Make sure that your website designer builds a website that you can update the content of yourself.
  3. Choose a reliable Web Host
    Even if your web designer suggests a host or offers hosting, make sure do a little investigatin’ and that you end up with a reliable website host. There is no point in having a fantastic website that is always down or unavailable.
  4. Make your website Responsive
    This means your website will be more easily readable and usable on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A huge amount of people use mobile devices now, don’t ignore this!
  5. Don’t get all Flashy!
    Where possible, avoid Flash technology on your website. Flash is not compatible with many smartphones and tablets.
  6. Maintain Brand Consistency throughout your website
    The design of your website should complement any existing marketing material you may have.
  7. Get Creative but maintain certain standards
    Most website visitors will have some expectations about what information they will find on your website. Pages like an “about” page and “contact” page are more or less mandatory. It’s important your visitors find what they expect to find – quickly and easily – or they will bounce out of there.
  8. Encourage visitor engagement
    Every website should have an effective call to action. This is an element on a website that interrupts the visitor’s experience to encourage an action you want them to perform.
  9. Have Fun
    When developing your own small business website, it doesn’t have to be all serious and formal. Be creative with your business website and choose a design that is fun, exciting and unique.
  10. Finally, keep your website up-to-date and relevant
    A stale website won’t win you any return visits. Ensure you website uses a modern design and is kept up-to-date with useful and current information.

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