Hashtags for Small Businesses

Remember when “lol” (which means laughing out loud and not lots of love ;)) became a part of everyday language, when people actually starting using it offline as well as online. Technology is growing and being developed in leaps and bounds and with that global trends are affected, the way we communicate with clients is affected and the way our clients find us is affected.

I am just going to take a moment and breathe that all in…

Isn’t it just amazing how far we have come and sometimes, how little we change. One thing is certain, human needs do not really change (though, now they may include wifi). What changes is how we connect and fulfill those needs.


Another new (but not so new) trend is hashtags. We even think in hashtags offline. Sometimes, hashtags give us permission to share things we may not have otherwise. Sometimes they are just funny and sometimes the right hashtag can be the difference between 5 views and 5000 views. Interesting, right!?

So, as a small business what are some of the hashtags that you should be using or watching? I have compiled a list of what I feel are the most common and relevant hashtags for small businesses.

  1. #SmallBusiness and #Startup. Okay so these may be a bit obvious but these hashtags are particularly focused on small business owners; providing guidelines, advice, tools and strategies. This conversation will be helpful for both new and old business owners who wish to grow and develop their business.
  2. #SocialMedia. Looking for ways to develop your online community? This hashtag is focused on helping you do just that. Experts will share tips, ideas and articles and you can ask questions.
  3. #Networking. This is a hashtag about business networking. You’ll find tips on how to network, where to network and who to network with.
  4. #ShopLocal. This is a hashtag that encourages consumers to do business with local merchants, retailers and service providers.
  5. #FF. The Follow Friday trend began with the hashtag #FollowFriday, but is now more commonly shortened to #FF. The Follow Friday movement is still trending and it’s a great way for your small business to join the conversation and get its name out there.

Do you think there is something missing from this list? Share it in the comments below.

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