5 Tips to get your Business Online the right way

So you finally got online. Perhaps you found a web designer and got your website designed. You have set up your email @yourbusiness.co.za. You even managed to set up a few Social Media pages for your business…you think. Now you are being bombarded with information about what you should and should not do and quite frankly you are totally confused and a little bit frustrated because the advice and the experts seem to contradict each other.

What and who is right?

The answer might surprise you but many of the experts are right even though they may seem to contradict each other. Though, the advice they offer may or may not be right for your business. Great help, aren’t I?

A good idea is to always start with first things first. The same applies to getting your business online but what is first? The very first thing you should be working on is your business website and branded emails. Once you have that ball rolling, read my tips below to ensure that you don’t make any beginner mistakes that could harm your business in the future.

5 tips to remember as you get your business online

The online world is complicated and simple at the same time but here are a few tips to help you navigate the shark infested waters:

  1. Don’t ever buy likes, followers or email addresses. Not only is it ethically wrong but it could get you in a lot of trouble that is difficult to repair
  2. Don’t put your business on every single Social Media platform. It will not only drain your energy and resources but it could also hurt your business. Not every business is right for every Social Media platform.
  3. Don’t send Auto DMs (Direct Messages). Whether you want to thank them, tell them to visit your website or anything else; please don’t send an auto direct message (DM) to every new follower you get. Auto DMs are impersonal, perceived as spam by most and just bad netiquette.
  4. Which brings me to my new point…Be careful what you automate. Automation to some means time-saving (and it can) but remember Social Media should mean that you are social and building a social media community. Don’t have an empty Social Media desk, it could negatively affect your business and brand.
  5. Your Social Media presence is not your most important presence online. Your Social Media pages should support and direct people to your website and in turn your website should convert them into clients/customers. Your website is the only online presence that you have full control over.

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