10 Ways to improve your Small Business Facebook page

Here are 10 tips to help your improve your online presence on Facebook:

  1. Create a Content Strategy. You’ve probably heard this before, but what really matters in the end is the content. Your fans don’t share a post just because they see it the news feed. They share it because it’s useful/interesting to them.
  2. Mix the media that you share. Liven it up a little! Facebook allows four different types of posts:
    • Text only
    • Photo posts (with or without text)
    • Video
    • Embedded link
  3. Know When Your Fans Are Online. When is the best time to post on Facebook? When most of your fans are actually online. For the most part, Facebook shows the most recent content at the top of the news feed. If you post an update at 2am, but your fans are using Facebook at 8am, you can be sure they aren’t seeing your updates. You can find out when your fans are online by going to your Facebook Page, Going to “See Insights” and clicking “Posts”.
  4. Reply to Comments. To build your Facebook Fan Base, you have to listen to and respond to your fans. People use Facebook pages because they want to be heard! Responding to comments is so important.
  5. Don’t Post Too Often. This one is a common trap. Never post just for the sake of posting. There is no magic number for how many times to post in a week, but remember, you rarely lose fans for not posting content, but you can lose fans (or have your posts hidden by fans) if you’re posting too often. Additionally, the more posts you put up, the less engagement you may get – which will affect your EdgeRank (more on that in future posts and contact us for further training).
  6. Run Competitions (yes, I have to include this because the truth of the matter is that people love free things). Posts about competitions will get high engagement on your page, just make sure the prize is relevant to your business and you adhere to Facebook’s terms and conditions.
  7. Ask and you will receive! Simply ask your fans to Like, comment on and share your posts. Keep it natural and try not to do it too often.
  8. Surprise, enchant and amuse them! People love sharing things that are really positive, surprising and/or delightful. Do something out of the ordinary, positive, crazy, funny or post something that will simply make them go “aww”. See how your engagement sky rockets!
  9. Keep it short and sweet. Posts between 100-250 characters get 60% more Likes, comments and shares than longer posts. People are so busy they simply don’t have the time to read much anymore!
  10. And finally, Be inspirational. One of the best ways to get engagement (depending on your audience) is to post an inspirational quote or image (preferably, something that relates to your business).

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