How to get more retweets on Twitter

Retweets are instant feedback that your content worthwhile but as with all things, it takes work to achieve the perfect balance of content that your followers will appreciate and in turn retweet.

Retweets are a compliment, they share your tweets to new groups of users. If these users want to “hear” more from you they will click the follow button and in doing so will increase your social reach and visibility.

Here are a few tips on how to get more retweets:

  1. Tweet more quality content and shake it up a bit (Variety!). Tweet content that your target market will appreciate. Give your followers information that will help them to deal with those things that challenge them, tips to help them progress and make sure that you include something that will make them smile from time to time! Remember to also mix your mediums; include photos, text and videos in your feed.
  2. Make it easy to retweet you. Be clear and keep your tweets short and sweet. Use less than 140 characters – 120 characters at the most – allowing space for your Twitter name (in the retweet) and maybe a comment.
  3. Retweet others. They will appreciate it and may be more willing to retweet you next time you post something useful or interesting.
  4. Say Thank You! Show appreciation to those who retweet or share your content.

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