How do you take control of your online presence?

How do you take control of your online presence? That is a great question and if you have found this post via a web search, you are already heading in the right direction!

Internet, Website & Social Media

Taking control of your online presence means taking the internet, your website and social media seriously. Most small business owners see these things as “nice to have” but not essential. In 2014 these things are essential, trust me!

Get involved!

Secondly, get involved. By all means, use the experts, that is what they are there for BUT no-one knows your business like you do (nor do they care about your business like you do). Get involved, learn, contribute and re-evaluate your plan from time to time.

Plan to work on your online presence

Finally, set aside time each week to work on your online presence. If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen! Analyse your results and decide what you can do better the following week to improve the way you connect with clients (and potential clients) online.

Remember, this is not about technology per se but rather the value it adds to your business. The internet is a wonderful tool that can grow your business in ways you cannot even imagine if you challenge yourself to learn how!

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