Here are some important tips for your next email newsletter (mailer):

  1. Subject line is Key. Your subject line can determine whether or not your newsletter will be opened. The more personal and interesting, the higher the opening rate; the more ‘selling’, the smaller the opening rate. Email subject lines sometimes get cut off after a certain amount of characters depending on what email service your recipients are using, so make sure they get the most important information.
  2. Quality not Quantity. Don’t fill your newsletter with information or items that may not be of interest to your readers. Rather keep it short and sweet. People don’t have time to read through a long newsletter, especially if it contains information that does not apply to them (that is the quickest way to an unsubscribe). Rather, add snippets of information with links back to your website. If they are interested in reading more they can refer to your website.
  3. Make it personal. If you are using an email client, it makes it easy to add custom information such as your client’s name. etc. Speak to your recipients as if speaking to one person. So instead of saying ‘Hi everyone’ say ‘Hi <first name>. Adding a personal story is also a good idea, people like to connect with you on a personal level, just make sure you keep it brief and appropriate.

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