A Domain Name?

What is a domain name? A domain name is your street address on the world wide web. Where does your business live? For Google, their domain is google.co.za.

Choosing your domain name This is a very important step as your domain name will assist others in finding you (as well as search engines – like google – find you). If your business was hair for example  and your business was called ‘Scissors’ then scissorscutshair.co.za would be better than scissors.co.za as it contains ‘keywords’ in the domain. So, think carefully when choosing your domain name.

Cost Currently, you are looking at between R85 and R200 per year depending on where you register it. .co.za domains are better if your market is mainly South Africans, whereas .com is better if you have international clients. .com domains usually cost more. We do not offer domain name registration as a service but we do recommend Texo. Texo is really great with their service and affordability.

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