Although Facebook “Interests” was rolled out onto the Facebook platform back in March, many people are still unaware of them or many people still don’t understand what purpose Facebook Interests have for Facebook users.

With Facebook “Interests” you are able to create your own Interest Lists and add your selected title along with pages that match your “Interest.” This will help you keep organised in Facebook and aid in eliminating missed information due to the fast-paced newsfeed. Instead of having to go to each Facebook page individually, you will be able to put them together to see a new form of a newsfeed with selections you have chosen as niches. You also have the ability to choose who you want to see your Facebook “Interests” while creating an Interest list.

Facebook “Interests”, essentially, allows you to organize your newsfeed into a personalized newspaper. Under a list for “Sports,” for instance, you could add the public Facebook pages of all of your favorite teams, athletes and publications or Personal Pages that you have subscribed to. Your lists will appear on the left-hand side of your newsfeed. Top stories from each interest will occasionally appear in your primary newsfeed.

Facebook Interest Lists & Your Business?

Create Interest Lists that include your Facebook profile and/or company Page. Users can recommend lists to their friends, so make your lists noteworthy. Also create lists that show your industry expertise and include Pages and People that have quality content. Make your lists public so that people can find them. You can also choose what kinds of updates appear in your lists (comments, status updates, Likes, etc.).

Some Businesses are claiming that “Adding to Interest Lists” is restoring the visiblity of that Business Page to their News Feed. But which news feed? Their Personal Profile news feed? Their Business Page news feed? Or their Interest List news feed?

Adding a business to an Interest List does not add the business to the regular News Feed (in the same way “liking” a page does) where most Fans spend most of their time surfing.

Done right, however, a Facebook Interest List can be a way for you to demonstrate knowledge and build trust with your target audience. In the process you can also build your own following with Facebook users.

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