Why you still need a Website and not just a Facebook Page

During these tough economic times, I often hear people say that they have a Facebook page (with a lot of fans), do they still need a Website? The answer is a big YES! You may think that having a website is an unecessary business expense. You may think that if you build a huge fan base and have an elaborate profile that this can substitute as a company website. This is not the case.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you want to leave your business in the hands of another company who can change their format, their ownership or their appeal at the snap of a finger? By doing this you are at their mercy. You are limited to being able to do what they allow you to do.

Consider what happens in the real world when you rent but don’t own your office or business space. Even if your business is humming along smoothly, if you’re bringing in a steady stream of new customers or clients, if you’re keeping costs under control and if you’re planning for the future, your landlord can put you out of business in 30 days.

Utilising Facebook and any other social media network, should be one tool in your marketing tool belt for your business. While these are very important tools, your website (just like a brick & mortar store) should be the center that all of your other tools drive people to.

To think that Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will remain the social media sites of choice for the next 5 or 10 years is like believing that any of our other technology platforms available today will never be improved upon. Look at how quickly MySpace lost popularity. I remember when MySpace was the in place to be. What would you do if Facebook became the has been 6 months from now?

Furthermore, not everyone you are trying to reach is on Facebook. Surprised? Yes, its true, not EVERYONE is on Facebook, not everyone has a Social Media Profile.

Having your own website will also assist you in building a database of users, clients and names. What will you do if tomorrow Facebook closes your page and you are left with no database of your own? You will be lost. You must have a database of your customers.

At the end of the day, image is everything. And in today’s world, a company without a website is a company without a face.

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